Incentive program

Nexam Chemical has one ongoing incentive program with a total of 380,500 outstanding warrants, which all entitles the holders to subscribe for one share. All warrants have been issued at market value, calculated according to the “Black Scholes”-formula. Ongoing incentive programs are specified below. For more information, see the adopted resolution.

The reason for the implementation of the incentive program are to be able to create possibilities for the Company to retain competent staff through offering a long term ownership engagement. Such ownershipo engagement is expected to contribute to an increased alignment of intrests between the participating employees and the shareholders, and also promote a long-term commitment to the development of the Company.


Allotment date Price per
warrant (SEK)
redemption date
Final due date Redemption price (SEK) Outstanding
Dilution if
fully exercised
2021-05-27 0.98 2024-08-16 2024-08-30 21.28 380,500 0.5%
380,500 0.5%



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