Johan Arvidsson
Born: 1969
Shares: 196 345
Warrants 2021/2024: 100 000

CEO since February 2019 and CSO since 2016. Prior positions include amongst other Managing Director and Chairman of the Board in DuPont Sverige AB, Nordic Marketing Director for DuPont Performance Polymers and Managing Director of aXichem AB.

Marcus Nyberg
Born: 1975
Shares: 24 165
Warrants 2021/2024: 50 000

CFO since august 2019. Prior positions as CFO or Finance Director for Safegate International AB, LGT Group and Greenworks Tools for the past 10 years. After graduate with an master’s in business administration at Lund´s University in 1999 spend 5 years as auditor at Arthur Andersen and PWC and then 4 years as business consultant at PWC.

Francesco Pisciotti
Born: 1973

CTO from February 2019. PhD in Material Science and Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology with specialization in polymeric materials processing and structure-property development. Prior positions include Technology Specialist at Tetra Pak with focus on formulation, processing, structure-property of polymers and material surface modifications and coatings and Research Scientist at the Polymer Technology Group of RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden). Polymer professional since 1998.

Lucas Petersson
Supply Chain Manager
Born: 1992
Warrants 2021/2024: 50 000

Chief Operating Officer from 1st of December 2021. BSc in Business and Economics, from Lund University School of Economics and Management. Prior positions include amongst others Supply Chain Manager for Nexam Chemical, financial- and management consulting on behalf of Qvickbron Industriutveckling AB and also positions in sales.

Adrian Pepper
Group Regulatory and EHSQ Manager
Born: 1973
Warrants 2021/2024: 50 000

Group Regulatory and EHSQ Manager from June 2017. PhD in Synthetic Organic Chemistry from Salford University, UK and has previously been active in R&D, Laboratories and Production for the Nexam Performance Chemicals Division. Previous Positions include Part Owner and Company Director with St Andrews ChemTech Int Ltd and Academic Post-Doctoral Researcher at the University of Exeter.

Tomas Eriksson

Chief Commercial Officer since 1st of January 2021. Previous experiences include CEO of Caldery's Nordic and CCO at Nordkalk Oy AB with a background to lead large-scale production, R&D, and commercial organizations with a focus on optimization work and growth.

Jörgen Heby
Chief Production Officer
Shares: 15 000
Warrants 2019/2022:
Warrants 2021/2024: 50 000

Chief Production Officer since October 2021. Holds an MS.c. in Chemical Engineering. Has a strong leadership background working with operational strategies and improvements mainly within Finnish global company Kemira Oyj. Previous positions include Plant manager, Product Manager and head of various administrative functions, amongst others EHSQ, Logistics, Energy and Maintenance.