About us

Making plastics better!

Nexam Chemical develops solutions that enhance properties and performance of many types of polymers. Increased temperature resistance and strength in components made from these polymers makes it possible to lightweight, replace more expensive materials or get more out of what you have. Today, we provide industries within aerospace, electronics, pipes, engineered foams to name a few with cost efficient solutions. Our technology also enables recycled polymers to regain performance.

To enhance the properties of polymers we employ heat activated chemistry or reactive extrusion. New unique opportunities for efficient and sustainable use are enabled. Our technology makes it possible to create new product properties, from lightly modified to fully crosslinked polymers, which opens new sustainable business opportunities.


Enhanced material properties

  • Enhanced product and process performance.
  • Improved strength and toughness, better temperature resistance and stronger in harsh environments leading to improved longer service life.


Better production

  • Improved productivity and process stability.
  • Simplified use of recycled polymers.


Reduced environmental impact

  • Simplified and improved recycling.
  • Rebuild deteriorated polymers and regain performance.
  • Lightweight by improved performance, more with less.

Nexam Chemical solutions can improve the properties of polymers and processability in several steps of the value chain.



With existing extrusion equipment our technology is activated by heat to enhance polymer performance. Our products are available in powder form or as smart multi performing masterbatches.