Nexam Chemical received approval for the use of NEXAMITE in bottles and food packaging in Japan


Nasdaq First North-listed Nexam Chemical – which invents, develops, produces, and sells additives to the plastics industry worldwide – is approved to use the company’s product for upgrading recycled plastics, NEXAMITE, in bottles and food packaging in the Japanese market. It is the Japanese partner Kadotodku Corporation, which received the approval of the “Food Contact Material Safety Center”.

The applications for recycled PET or rPET in the Japanese market so far is mostly about bottles. In order to upgrade and restore the recycled PET-plastic, the industry has until now relied on an energy- and time-consuming process in a special, so-called SSP (Solid state Polycondensation). After this approval, a cost-effective and time-saving alternative is available.

“The approval opens up many new opportunities for us. With our approved additive, you can achieve the same effect but in a significantly shorter time, which saves both money and energy. Kadotodku has already initiated discussions with several bottle producers and recyclers in Japan,” says Johan Arvidsson, Nexam Chemicals CEO.

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Johan Arvidsson, CEO, +46-708 97 44 39,

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