Nexam Chemical strengthens the organization with Susanne Thygesson as new COO and Erik Lager as new CTO


Nexam Chemical add additional expertise and experience by recruiting Susanne Thygesson as new COO. Nexam ChemicalĀ“s current COO, Erik Lager, enters into the role as CTO, taking over from Dane Momcilovic, who is leaving the company for a position at Diab, one of Nexam ChemicalĀ“s customers.

Susanne Thygesson comes directly from the position as production manager at Perstorp Pharma and have extensive experience in leading and managing large scale manufacturing as well as optimizing production processes. Susanne have previously worked as a production manager at Santa Maria and in the plastic industry for a number of years, for example at Trioplast.

Nexam Chemical´s current CTO, Dane Momcilovic, is taking on a new position within Diab. Erik Lager, take over as new CTO, ensuring the continuity in the development work.

”We have an extremely competent R & D-team, and being able to recruit internally to the position as CTO is a great strength. I look forward to continue the good cooperation with Erik in his new role. This change give us the opportunity to strengthen the team in terms of production and production management by recruiting Susanne Thygesson and I welcome her to Nexam Chemical. In our current phase of expansion, with increasing production volumes, Nexam Chemical will benefit from her knowledge and experience. I also wish Dane good luck in his new role and look forward to continue our good cooperation with Diab,” says Anders Spetz, CEO, Nexam Chemical. 

Note: This news has been translated from Swedish. The Swedish text shall govern for all purposes and prevail in case of any discrepancy with the English version.

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About Nexam Chemical

Nexam Chemical develops technology and products that make it possible to significantly improve the production process and properties of most types of plastics in a cost-effective manner and with retained production technology. The improved properties include strength, toughness, temperature and chemical resistance as well as service life. The improvements in properties that can be achieved by using Nexam Chemical’s technology make it possible to replace metals and other heavier or more expensive materials with plastics in a number of applications. In applications where plastic is already used, Nexam Chemicals products can improve the manufacturing process, reducing material use and enable more environmental friendly alternatives. Example of commercial applications: pipe manufacturing, foam production and high-performance plastics. More information about the business will be found on The company´s Certified Adviser is FNCA Sweden AB.

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