Nexam in new success in Reactive recycling for PET


Nasdaq First North-listed Nexam Chemical – which invents, develops, produces and sells additives to the plastics industry worldwide – achieves new success in projects with additives for recycled PET. Nexam has received a first production order worth SEK 0.5 million for thermoformed food packaging.

Nexam Chemical has since the beginning of 2022 worked in a project with an Israeli food packaging manufacturer with the goal of increasing the amount of recycled PET in their products. Nexam’s additive enables the use of a larger amount of recycled PET in the packaging than would otherwise have been possible. The product is now fully developed and technically approved.

“We see an increasing interest in our products in this type of application and we have several ongoing projects in Europe. This type of food packaging, together with our additives in recycled PET for fiber, are two areas with great potential,” says Ronnie Törnqvist, Nexam Chemicals CEO.

Reactive Recycling is a molecular tool to simplify and improve today’s recycling. Recycled plastic has lost some properties compared to new raw material. In order to better use recycled plastic, you simply have to improve properties that have been lost, which you do with the help of additives, so-called additives. The recycling process becomes faster, simpler and more cost-effective compared to several other methods.

“Our additives open the door for the majority of actors to use recycled plastic at a low cost in the manufacture of products that are aimed at areas with higher demands on both quality and durability. In this case, food packaging in the food industry, says Ronnie Törnqvist.

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