Grant of £100K from Innovate UK to develop novel material for the UK aerospace sector


Nexam Chemical has been selected as a key partner in the “TAPE Extreme” project, financed by Innovate UK, targeting development of advanced temperature resistant composites for the UK aerospace sector. Nexam Chemical adds competencies within chemistry, polymers and resins to the consortium, and has been awarded a £100K grant with the objective of developing novel materials that can replace metals in jet engines.

Nexam Chemical St. Andrews has, together with partners from the whole value chain, been selected as a key partner in the project, dubbed “Advanced Thermoformable Cross-linking Resin Unidirectional Tapes”, which consists of a consortium of commercial players within composites and aerospace, in partnership with the University of Sheffield. Nexam Chemical’s part of the grant is £100K, which will primarily be used for R&D activities.

The project’s main objective is to drive replacement of metals like titanium and other alloys with novel high temperature resistant composites in jet engines, leading to lighter components and resulting fuel savings. The technology is intended for primarily civil aviation applications, where the largest commercial potential lies. The project is a part of Innovate UK, which strives to strengthen local UK aerospace sector, and supports local OEM:s, such as Boeing, Rolls-Royce and GKN.

“Nexam Chemical St. Andrews has been selected to participate in the project, based on our competencies within chemistry, polymers and resins, where the aim is to develop dry unidirectional tape, without solvents. It is a recognition of our market leading position and technical expertise in design and synthesis of polyimide resins and so-called end-cappers for polyimides.”, says Christer Svanberg, CTO of Nexam Chemical.

“Nexam Chemical already has a solid footprint within high temperature composites in the US, primarily aimed at military applications. We are therefore pleased to be selected to take part in this project, which can contribute to driving the development towards more high temperature composites in the UK and especially within civilian aviation.”, says Ronnie Törnqvist, CEO of Nexam Chemical.

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