Nasdaq certifies Nexam as a sustainable company - Named Green Equity Designation


Nexam Chemical is one of the first companies to receive Nasdaq’s international designation Green Equity Designation – a certification for companies with a green strategy and business model. The certification will help to provide increased visibility and transparency to those investors who are looking for sustainable investments.

The certification means that an independent third party has identified Nexam Chemicals as a company with a clear ESG strategy. Nexam Chemical helps manufacturers around the world to improve their plastics products – both in terms of durability and function – and thus competitiveness.

– We congratulate Nexam Chemical for now being able to call itself a Nasdaq Green Designation company. Most of our already certified companies come from the real estate industry and it is fantastic to see that the influx is increasing from more sectors. The certification means that a third party has identified Nexam Chemical as a company with a clear ESG strategy. The certification is aimed at companies with clear sustainability ambitions that want to profile themselves against investors who see ESG as “need to have” rather than “nice to have”, says Adam Kosty├íl, European listing manager for Nasdaq.

Nasdaq Green Designation is an international stamp of quality offered to companies listed on Nasdaq’s trading venues in Europe. The ambition is to create increased visibility for investors looking for sustainable investments.

– Nasdaq’s certification shows that you can be a sustainable company, even if you work in plastics and chemistry. Sustainability for us is very much about the benefits our products do, but of course also about how our business is conducted. Nasdaq Green Designation also provides security for both employees, customers and investors about the high level of our sustainability efforts, says Johan Arvidsson CEO at Nexam Chemical.

The program was launched by Nasdaq in 2021.

For more information, please contact:

Johan Arvidsson, CEO, +46-708 97 44 39,

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