Nexam Chemical appoints Jörgen Heby as Production Manager


Nexam Chemical has recruited Jörgen Heby as production manager for Nexam Chemical. Nexam is in intense growth. Having an efficient production flow at all times in a situation with more and more products and customers is very challenging. From today, Jörgen Heby will be responsible for making this work. This includes Nexam Chemicals’ facilities in Sweden, Scotland, Poland and Hungary.

Jörgen Heby comes most recently from the Finnish company Kemira Oyj.

“It is very satisfying that we have succeeded in convincing Jörgen Heby to start working at Nexam Chemical. We have clearly demonstrated that we can attract large global customers. In order for there to be long-term customer relationships, it is of utmost importance that we can produce our products in an efficient manner. Jörgen will build on Nexam Chemical’s production system and adapt it to ever larger volumes. Jörgen Heby has solid experience from production in the chemical industry, ”says Johan Arvidsson, CEO of Nexam Chemical.

“I look forward to working with Nexam and the expectations that exist at the company. I hope with my experience in production to be able to contribute to Nexam achieving the short-term and long-term goals that have been set. The focus will be on creating opportunities for growth by continuing to develop the high demands in manufacturing. ” says Jörgen Heby

For more information, please contact:

Johan Arvidsson, CEO, +46-708 97 44 39,

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