Nexam Chemical Holding AB (publ) Year-End Report 1 January – 31 December 2019


106 percent sales growth for NEXAMITE® and NEXIMID® during the year

Significant events:

    Sales growth continues, +8% compared to the corresponding quarter in 2018.
    The NEXAMITE® and NEXIMID®-based range, Performance Chemicals, in strong growth. + 36% compared to the corresponding quarter of 2018, the growth mainly attributable to products intended for PET foam manufacturing. The growth for Performance Chemicals for the full year 2019 was + 106%.
    Sales in the color and additive masterbatch, Performance Masterbatch, were -7% compared to the corresponding quarter of 2018. For the full year 2019, sales in the area decreased by 3% percent.
    The large order intake for Performance Chemicals resulted in stressed material flows, which had a negative impact on profitability and cash flow during the quarter


    Net sales during quarter amounted to SEK 32,024,000 (29,547,000) and for the full year SEK 130,057,000 (109,835,00).
    Profit before depreciation (EBITDA) for the quarter was SEK – 2,814,000 (- 894,000) and for the full year – 5,576,000 (- 5,757,000).
    In comparison to the beginning of the year, cash and cash equivalents amounted to SEK 23,101,000 (53,705,000).
    Cash flow from the operating activities during the quarter amounted to SEK – 8,631,000 (- 4,203,000) and for the full year SEK – 21,277,000 (- 12,887,000).
    Earnings per share before and after dilution amounted to SEK – 0.09 (- 0.05) for the quarter and for the full year SEK  -0,25 (-0,25).
    The Board proposes no dividend for the year 2019.

Key events after the end of the period

The Board of Directors of Nexam Chemicals Holding AB has decided that a new share issue will take place during the spring 2020

Lomma 14 February 2020

The Board of Directors

These financial statements have been reviewed by the Company´s auditor.

Note: This press release has been translated from Swedish. The Swedish text shall govern for all purposes and prevail in case of any discrepancy with the English version.

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