Nexam to Cleveland - giving talks for the growing US market


“Customize the properties of your recycled plastics with the help of Reactive Recycling” is the title of Henrik Bernqvist, Business manager at Nexam’s talk in Cleveland, Ohio. Nasdaq First North-listed Nexam Chemical is once again invited by the organization AMI to share its expertise in recycling at the Plastic Recycling World Expo. Nexam also participates with its own stand.

North America is an important region for Nexam Chemical, where the company helps plastic manufacturers improve their products – both in terms of durability and function. The presentation will describe what companies in the recycling industry can do to increase the value of recycling streams, with the help of Nexam’s Reactive Recycling technology.

“Plastic recycling is our most exciting area in the coming years, and here we are only at the beginning of our plastic recycling project. The invitation is another valuable acknowledgment that the US is investing in recycling and that our technology is highly interesting in that transition, says Johan Arvidsson, CEO of Nexam Chemicals and continues:

Every year, 400 million tons of plastic are produced worldwide. Today, only 15 percent of this is recycled. The EU’s goal is 50 percent recycling as early as 2025.

“So far it has mostly been about Europe and lately we have also achieved success in Asia. Now we hope to be able to build more and more projects in the USA. Plastic recycling is an area that really needs some technology steps to develop in line with targets. Nexam can in many cases make this possible, says Johan Arvidsson, Nexam Chemicals CEO.

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