Nexam Chemical presents in Vienna about its plastic recycling technology


Nasdaq First North-listed Nexam Chemical – which invents, develops, produces and sells additives to the plastics industry worldwide – is attending AMI’s conference in Vienna. Henrik Bernquist, Business Manager at Nexam Chemical, speaker on the topic “Plastic Recycling Technology”. The conference will take place on September 13-15 in Vienna, Austria.

Every year, 400 million tons of plastic are produced. And today only 15 percent of this is recycled. The EU’s goal is to increase that figure to 50 percent as early as 2025.

During Nexam’s lecture “Customize the properties of your recycled plastics using Reactive Recycling”, Henrik Bernquist will describe how players in the recycling industry can benefit from Reactive Recycling, which is Nexam’s technology in the field. This is to increase the value of and improve the quality of recycled plastics and polymers.

“This will be Nexam’s most exciting area in the next few years. Plastic recycling is an area where technological leaps really need to be made so that we can one day come close to the targets that the authorities have set. Nexam has a solution that in many cases makes this possible,” says Johan Arvidsson, CEO of Nexam Chemical.

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