Nexam is expanding rapidly – opening new innovation center and starting installation of new production line


– Investing SEK 20 million in innovation for more sustainable plastics

Nasdaq First North-listed Nexam Chemical – which invents, develops, produces and sells additives to the plastics industry worldwide – is making a major investment to meet increased demand with a more efficient new production line and a unified development organization. To consolidate its role as a leader in additives for the plastics industry, Nexam is also starting an innovation centre.

In a few days, the first part of the innovation center in Lomma will be inaugurated. The innovation center will be the place to invent and improve the processability and properties of plastic materials, which can be of great use in all Nexam Chemicals areas. To make aircraft components that are lighter than what was previously available on the market and solutions to improve the possibility of more efficient plastic recycling, something that is in great demand, are examples and what will be done in the innovation center.

“The urgency and demand is very great when it comes to developing effective products and methods to make plastics better and more durable. Making plastics and polymers better will be a very profitable business both for our customers and for us,” says Johan Arvidsson, CEO of Nexam Chemicals and continues:

“Plastics are everywhere and are strongly questioned in many contexts, at the same time it is difficult to see any alternative even in the longer term. We have an umbrella of solutions that, with the help of additives, improve both functionality and recyclability”.

The innovation center will be put into use within days. Later in this will be supplemented with a machine hall for pilot production. The investment aims to improve the innovative power of the company and to increase the speed of the commercialization process for new products. The installation of a new production line will also begin in the coming days.

“With the new production line, we will be able to improve both capacity and capability. We will simply be able to manufacture more of more complex products. The plastics industry is facing major challenges. Nexam has a big task in contributing solutions to many of these. We both develop, manufacture and sell products for the plastics industry. With a new innovation center and a new production line, we are further strengthening our position,” says Johan Arvidsson and continues:

“These investments strengthen our competitiveness and will improve our profitability.”

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Johan Arvidsson, CEO, +46-708 97 44 39,

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