Colouring concept for recycled plastics - Nexam Recolour Plus - in Kaos children's seats


Nasdaq First North-listed Nexam Chemical – who invents, develops, produces and sells additives to the plastics industry worldwide – has, together with the Norwegian company Aion, developed a recycled plastic material with the right colour and properties that is used in, for example, seats for Kaos children’s chairs and can be used in more technical products.

The prestigious publication TIME Magazine recently named the world’s oceans as “The Most Important Place on Earth”. More and more focus is being directed at the world’s oceans as a central part of the fight against climate change, and the awareness of how sensitive they are to human influence is increasing more and more. Nexam is proud and happy to be able to contribute to solutions that contribute to improving the marine environment, for example by being able to use plastic waste from the oceans in new – and more valuable – applications.

Nexam Chemical and Aion, who both work with circular polymer solutions, have jointly developed a plastic material from recycled raw materials, which thanks to the Recolour Plus colouring concept, meets the high demands of the furniture industry. Although the recycled material has colour variations from mixed plastic waste and is degraded by a hard life, Nexam’s technology has enabled its use in advanced furniture components with high demands on finish and appearance. In Kaos range of children’s seats, they are used in accessories such as seats, safety bars and tables and lead to reduced environmental impact without compromising either the function or appearance of the furniture.

“Aion is a part of Norwegian Aker Biomarine and was originally a solution to the problem of the amount of plastic waste generated from the fishing industry, such as ropes, nets and the like,” says Eirik Seljelid, CEO of Aion. “Aion’s system connects different waste sources with end users, such as nets from fishing boats that have become trays at McDonalds. The big challenge with plastic from the oceans is the many different colours that the collected plastic has, which until now has limited the applications in which end-product it may be used. With Nexam’s colouring concept ReColour Plus, we can now offer a significantly more commercially viable end-product, which significantly broadens the possibilities. Hopefully, in the long run, it will contribute to an increased interest in collecting plastic, an important contribution to cleaner and healthier seas”.

“We see an increasing interest in our products in this type of application and we have a number of other ongoing projects. Combining Nexam’s additives to increase the properties of recycled plastic and combining it with finding the right colour to suit more products will lead to great environmental benefits. That, as in the case of Kaos, now being able to manufacture accessories and seats for children’s chairs from collected plastic from the oceans is of course extra satisfying,” says Ronnie Törnqvist, CEO of Nexam Chemical.

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