Nexam Chemical automates and improve production efficiency in Lomma


Nexam Chemical has successfully completed an automatization project at the production plant in Lomma. The goal was to streamline production and to increase the capacity at the plant. The project has now been evaluated and the results exceed the expectations.

The project is a consequence of the analysis that was made of the material flow in conjunction with the installation of the latest production line during the winter of 2017/2018. On this basis, the company decided to install two new robots, one is used for unloading raw materials from bags into the production line and the other for packaging of finished products onto transport pallets. At the same time, an overall optimization of the product area and the working processes with a focus on lean manufacturing has been implemented.

The investment amounts to approx. 2 MSEK, with a short financial payback time. At the same time the automatization will contribute to a better work environment and reduced sick leave, thus reducing the need for manual lifting. Moreover, operators will release time to focus on further developing and streamlining the work.

“A very successful and profitable project”, says Anders Dahlqvist, project manager, and gains support from Susanne Thygesson, COO Nexam Chemical.

” The project that was completed is part of our continuous efforts to improve on our working methods and to motivate our employees using lean manufacturing. The goal is to improve efficiency, automate and improve the working environment at our production plants. Our next big project will be to complete the installation of a new production line at our plant in Hungary, alongside a continuous reconstruction of existing production lines in Lomma that will enhance our production flexibility”, says Susanne Thygesson, COO Nexam Chemical.

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