Dansk Affaldsminimering – using plastic waste as a resource


Dansk Affaldsminimering, a family owned company, was established 2011 with the aim to help reduce the environmental impact plastic has on the planet. The company supports and accelerates the transition from waste to polymer, by upcycling polymer waste both from industry and consumers, to finally reintroduce it to the market as recycled polymer pellets. Dansk Affaldsminimering has collaborated with Nexam Chemical since 2019 to expand the potential for recycled polymer products.

Kim Dalsgaard is the CEO of Dansk Affaldsminimering, which have an environmental approach to receive and process plastic materials that is contaminated with organic matter. They offer recycled polymer pellets, primarily polypropylene or polyethylene. The company is active in different markets and their materials are used for industrial applications, building industry, furniture and more.

Depending on the customer application and requirement, the materials are tailor-made by adding the necessary additives to fit the specification.

– We often have requirements to deliver a specific color. Traditionally recycled polymer of our kind is supplied as dark grey or black, but we are able to supply many different colors in collaboration with Nexam Chemical who creates the masterbatches our materials need. We have confidence that they provide a professional and stable service to us, it makes our lives a little easier, says Kim.

Increasing interest
Kim argues that there has been an interest in reusing plastic waste, both in the polymer industry but also in society as a whole. Using the waste in a meaningful manner, where the materials provide a value again it its second life, has been one of the challenges.

–  Back then, there was not a sustainable solution to recycle consumer plastics and we sought to crack this code and have built the production facilities to accomplish this, says Kim.

He has noticed that consumer awareness of plastic materials has increased drastically over the last couple of years and across many different industries.

–  We have experienced an increased interest for incorporating recycled polymers. Applications where there is a direct link to the consumer is where we see the highest demand at the moment. Architects and designers are showing an increasing interest in our types of products, says Kim.

Reliable partners
Kim mention that Dansk Affaldsminimering still is a young company in the polymer world. Therefore, it is of high importance that all partners have knowledge and experience the they can draw from, to help them become quicker and more accurately deliver the right solution.

– Recycled polymers are of increasing quality today and it is important for us that the products we choose also are of high quality and even help elevate the quality of our own product. We test and try many products and often have to supply products for customer testing and here it is really helpful to have the quick support from the laboratory team at Nexam Chemical, says Kim.

Through the partnership, Dansk Affaldsminimering is able to formulate materials to their customer specifications. This means that the company can change, modify, stabilize and improve the polymers.

­– We see Nexam Chemical as an innovative partner with a strong track record and the ability and products to help us grow our business.  We hope to expand on our collaboration and create solutions together. As Nexam Chemical expands its offering for Recycling Performance Masterbatches so are we expanding the potentials for our recycled polymer products, says Kim.